“My healer recommended that I wear crystal bracelets to protect myself from the negative energy of other and from the EMF radiation. Searching the web for a reputable purveyor of such, I found Heelerz. Not only was the information amazing, but the stones are beautiful! The owners are wonderful and helpful me to choose stones that are specific to healing of breast cancer (in addition to my other needs). A few months later I purchased several more as my kids were a bit jealous that they only had a few and I had an armful. I recommend them to all of my clients.”

- Elyn Jacobs -
"My family met you ladies at the "Make It" craft fair in St. Albert. We purchased a bear bell with the Spirit Collection gemstones for our dog Elliot after speaking with you about his separation anxiety when we go to our lake resort in BC. We have been out to the lake again over Christmas holidays and are happy to let you know that since putting the bear bell on Elliot, he hasn't been barking like he was in the summer. We all feel so much more peace now that Elliot isn't stressed and barking. Here are a couple of photos of Elliot with his bear bell :) Thank you!"

- Jenise and our fur family member is a Samoyed/border collie cross.-
"OK..... I would love to give you the best testimony possible. I love the rose quartz. I now have a saint bernard that is and acts like a TRUE saint. This is a completely different dog. I attended the Alberta KC show at Spruce Medows where I met you . I bought rose and amethyst quartz. Unfortunately the baby girl I bought the amethyst quartz for didn't make until I got home. I was stranded in Chicago airport trying to get home to her. Anyway... Gunda is not the dog I had before the stones. She is now loving, sweet, caring and genuinely concerned for my well being. She now greets me at the front door, gives kisses to my hands, actually goes upstairs to my bedroom to wake me, and will venture into the main bathroom. WOW.. what a different dog. She has been with me for 8+ years and never did anything like this before.. LOVE the stones. Sometimes I stare into her chocolate brown loving eyes and giggle to her and say " I think I am going to take your rocks away!" I am recommending them to all my dog clients and friends. Thank you so much."

- Wende Wagner, Kansas City, MO Soon to be in Mundare AB as a dog trainer -
"I bought the grace essential oil and diffuser. LOVE wearing it as a perfume and the aroma in our home is amazing. It came with a little bottle to mix up as a spray but don't know what to mix it with."

- Leonore C. -
"I LOVE LOVE LOVE not only your products but the kindness and generosity that you have shown me! I will provide you with pics and updates on my amazing fur babied especially my ever so sweet Silky! Thank you again!"

- Stacey H. -
"Love the diffuser I bought today, I'm already feeling less stress.....as are the dogs. My son thanks you for his stones he got with his pouch as well. Thanks for everything!!"

- Nicole M. -
"These crystal are absolutely amazing!!! I have one on both my dogs and I need mine just to get through my anxiety while I sleep!!! My sister in law and her sister started this company and they WORK!!!! Please check this website out!!!"

- Melanie B. -
"I met you at the Mane Event and you passed along an amazing bag of rose quartz, aventurine and amethyst for our rescues. I just would like to say another HUGE thank you for this! We have three areas around the farm, and our house that are being infused with the peace, healing and calmness of these gemstones. Our animals here at The Alice Sanctuary are very grateful for them as well. Thanks again!"

- Janneane M. -
"I purchased the rose quarts stones to place in my animal’s water a couple of years ago and I couldn’t believe what a calming effect it had on my household. Because I was unsure if they would take the stones out I placed the stones in a gallon jug that I keep full and use this water to replace the water in the drinking bowl.
This past August long weekend I approached heelerz and asked if they had anything to help with a concussion. The ladies did some research and the next morning we discussed the different stones and they made a bracelet for me. After wearing the bracelet for a couple of hours I was virtually dizzy free. Since this I have passed that information on to several other people. These ladies are amazing."

- Adeline, AlpineMist Bernese Mountain Dogs -
"Got 3 hours of horsey time today and wanted to share that my ponies Romeo & Fancy LOVE, LOVE the grace salve!!! Lots of licking and yawning! They were in heaven. Thank you ladies for making such a beautiful and healing blends”

- Angie of Equine Enrichment -
"Just to let you know, both my horses love the spirit salve!!! They lick, chew, and yawn the entire time I am massaging them with it!!! Love your products! Romeo and Fancy thank you!”

- Angie of Equine Enrichment -
"Thank you Pet Heelerz for donating bed rocks to the very ill mama and kittens we are fostering. They were less than 2 oz. each when born and are both almost a pound now on day 16! Mama and kittens sleep constantly on them. i think they worked"

- Tracey -
"The kittens love their bed rocks! They sleep on then all the time and look how good the kittens that weren’t suppose to make it are doing!!! Thank you pet heelerz for your wonderful products”

- Tracey -