Meet Tannia Joy

Tannia lives her life in gratitude. This mother of two treasures every moment shared with her loved ones and furry companions.

In 2011, Tannia started a magical journey. She was inspired to take her certification in Color and Crystal Therapy. One of the modules of study was "Crystal Therapy for Animals". Motivated by what she learned, Tannia used her knowledge to work with animals, offering support using gemstones. Her findings were astounding and Heelerz Gemstones came to be. 

Moving forward into 2020 a beautiful transformation began. Tannia felt guided to provide an even deeper level of empowerment and connection between people and their animals. SIXTEEN STONES is the result.

Tannia has drawn on her passion to create a unique company that provides quality handmade products, knowledge and guidance to human, horse and hound. She has selected and sourced sixteen precious gemstones and grouped them into four collections to support the body, mind, heart and soul. 

Sixteen Stones also offers one of a kind, circular mediation quilts to support you in your meditation and mindfulness practice. After struggling to find a place to ground herself, Tannia was divinely inspired to create a “Sacred Space” that could go with her anywhere. Designed using eight or sixteen triangles with a grounding circle in the centre, Sixteen Stones circular quilts are a special place to sit, breathe, connect and dream.

Connecting with her clients, learning their “stories” and building amazing, genuine relationships is what Tannia is most grateful for, and what Sixteen Stones is all about.

You will find Tannia working from her home, designing and creating new treasures to share. Special orders, product inquiries and personal recommendations are always welcome. She can be reached by contacting her directly at

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