About Sixteen Stones

Sixteen Stones empowers people to support their animals and themselves through deeper connections and understanding. With the use of color and gemstones, we can enhance communication and build trust. Watch the video below to learn more about Sixteen Stones.

Hello and welcome,
My name is Tannia joy and I am the owner and creator of Sixteen Stones for Human, Horse and Hound.
I am so honoured and grateful that you visited my website today. My mission and passion in life is to empower you to support your animals and yourselves through deeper connections and communication.
On the website you’re going to find a lot of beautiful, magical treasures. From special pieces for you to charms and pet necklaces to rhythm beads for horses.
You’ll also find beautiful quilted wheels to create some sacred space in your life. Whether that’s some meditation space or just to ground yourself to mother earth, enjoy a place to sit, breathe, connect, and dream.
So have fun on the website. I hope you find that treasure that you’re looking for and if you have any questions at all, please reach out and connect with me. I would love to join in conversation with you.
Thank you so much. Have a beautiful day,

tannia joy

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