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Chakra Deck

Chakra Deck

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The Sixteen Stones Chakra Deck is a guide to connect, to dream, to heal. Use it the way it feels best. Always coming from a place of love.

The deck includes 8 cards, with a beautiful watercolour gemstone painting and a simple affirmation. Perfect for beginners who want to learn about colour, crystals, and chakras. It is also an amazing tool for children.

It’s important to make the deck your own. I like to crack or knock on the deck. Then I take each card and place it from right to left across my heart with the intention of light, love and healing. Shuffle your deck. A card will show itself by sticking to your fingers or it will “pop” out of the deck. That is your card. Once a card is chosen, say the affirmation out loud. Repeat it often. For a day, a week a month. Whatever length feels best.

The Sixteen Stones Chakra Deck works beautifully when used together with the new affirmations Chakra Bracelet as well as the 30” Chakra Wheel.

The chakra stones are:

Gemstone Affirmation Chakra Colour
Garnet I am Root Chakra Red
Carnelian I Feel Sacral Chakra Orange
Citrine I Do Solar Plexus Yellow
Rhodochrosite I Love Higher Heart Pink
Chrysoprase I Receive Heart Chakra Green
Turquoise I Speak Throat Chakra Blue
Dumorterite I See Third Eye Indigo
Amethyst I Know Crown Purple