Chakra Affirmation Bracelet
Chakra Affirmation Bracelet

Chakra Affirmation Bracelet

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Chakra Bracelets are perfect to wear as a reminder of a simple affirmation or as a symbol of perfect balance. They can be worn separately or stacked with Affirmation bracelets for added support.

This bracelet is a great tool to use with the Sixteen Stones Chakra deck.

Tie this bracelet around your wrist. Choose a loving affirmation. State it clearly. Repeat it every time you see or feel your bracelet.

There are 8 stones, one for each of the Kundalini chakras (my version includes the heart and higher heart chakras). Tiny copper spacers are added for grounding and to enhance the energy of the gemstones. It can be worn as a bracelet or anklet.

The eight stones are:

Gemstone Affirmation Chakra Colour
Garnet I am Root Chakra Red
Carnelian I Feel Sacral Chakra Orange
Citrine I Do Solar Plexus Yellow
Rhodochrosite I Love Higher Heart Pink
Chrysoprase I Receive Heart Chakra Green
Turquoise I Speak Throat Chakra Blue
Dumorterite I See Third Eye Indigo
Amethyst I Know Crown Purple