Fern's Pet Necklaces
Fern's Pet Necklaces
Fern's Pet Necklaces

Fern's Pet Necklaces

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Grumble Farm and Sixteen Stones have joint forces to bring you a selection of limited edition pieces for you and your pup (or should we say pug) to enjoy.

The Fern, Ivy and Jonas Pet Necklaces are crafted with natural leather and paired with special gemstones chosen for this exclusive offering.

Fern’s special Pet Necklace features Rhodochrosite as the centre stone which promotes unconditional love and trust. It is surrounded by the Grumble Farm collections signature stones : Dumortierite, Carnelian and Citrine.

To learn more about how these gemstones can benefit you and your pet, head over to our collections page.

Sixteen Stones Pet Necklaces are super light weight and fully adjustable with a round copper clasp. Find your pets size using the chart below and trim off the excess at the next knot. Please note that you cannot attach a leash to the necklaces.